5 to 10 minutes

5 to 10 minutes

We all have some kind of a schedule that can fluctuate from slow to over drive within a matter of hours or even minutes. When this happens our stress levels begins to rise and before we know it, we find ourselves caught up in the middle of a unpredictable storm.

 Find a little area within your surroundings where you can just be with yourself. Start by sitting in a comfortable position and begin to breathe. Close your eyes and become aware of how you’re feeling and what is coming to the mind. Take a slow inhale through your nose, filling up your heart & lungs with oxygen and pulling all negative thoughts inwards. While you are inhaling, quietly and slowly begin to count to yourself and see if you can make it to ten seconds before exhaling. Exhale slowly and release all the stress, and negative energies while counting backwards from ten to one.


It’s very important that you keep your natural breath flow- DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH. It’s ok, if you don’t make it to ten seconds right away this is something you can work on over time. The purpose of this is to take the time needed for yourself. Having a moment to ourselves helps lowers our stress levels, gives us a little clarity, keeps us in balance and self-love for a proper healing.

Find a place for you to just be 🧘🏾‍♀️


Without taking five to ten minutes for ourselves throughout the day ~ it will cause a predictable storm ⛈😟

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